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Affordable Cloud Computing, secure Web-Hosting, VPS & Internet Access, Open Source virtualization platforms, and much more!


Our Solutions and Services

  • Cloud Servers

    Your applications and data, our fully redundant, state of the art hardware, monitored and managed by our dedicated team. We do all the heavy lifting so your mission-critical applications and data are available 24/7/365, without the headache.

  • Hardware Colocation

    Your hardware in our data center. We handle physical security, power, connectivity and all the other things you don’t want to worry about. You handle the parts you want to concentrate on, and you can access your hardware anytime you want.

  • Fiber Internet Access

    LightSpeed Hosting sits directly on the Medina County Fiber Network. Redundancy in all key service components means you’ll enjoy uninterrupted, blazingly-fast Internet access at competitive prices.

  • VoIP Telephones

    State of the art telephones without state of the art hassle. Caller ID, voice mail, etc. - All the features you’d expect in a business telephone system at a surprisingly affordable price.

Why Use LightSpeed?

  • Our Network

    Our network literally operates at the speed of light. We use superior network hardware and software to provide you with rock solid network performance and incredibly low latency. All of our servers are connected with redundant, high-speed ports on a fully redundant fiber network for superior reliability and performance.

  • Diverse Fiber

    LightSpeed’s network uses multiple, geographically diverse fiber carriers. We handle routing and failover for you, giving you the piece of mind that comes with knowing that regional outages from a single provider will never keep you from your applications and data.

  • Redundant Infrastructure

    Redundant uninterruptible power supplies, redundant in-row cooling and redundant components at every level of the network provide the stability and reliability you require in a data center.

  • Award Winning Support

    In the end, it’s people who make the difference. The LightSpeed team is entirely made up of people who share a vision of using our innovation and creativity to make your world a more joyous place.


  • Powerful cPanel

    Need a control panel to manage your servers? We've got you covered with cpanel, an industry-leading solution for controlling all aspects of your server.

  • Automated Backups

    Want your virtual machines backed up automatically? How about storing backups on another cloud service like Amazon S3? We can provide backup schemes that give you peace of mind, knowing that your data is always safe.

  • Support

    All our server solutions include an optional support plan to help you keep everything running. If you don't need that and want to manage things yourself, you can do that, too.